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The Vintage Faire 2019 . . . It's a trip!  A day trip, a weekend trip or a just a trip down memory lane. 

Come see us on Saturday, April 27th at the Okanogan County Fairgrounds . . .  


Our poster set the tone - featuring Great Grandma Jessie - pointing the way!  Go Yonder!  Rain didn't stop The Vintage Faire from being bigger & better than ever.  Over 50+ vendors! There is no Vintage Faire without our vendors - they bring the Faire to life and transform a quiet fairgrounds into a vintage wonderland.  They inspire us!   We added a third building this year!   We continue to strive to diversify with new vendors, new spaces, new food options & new attendees!  Thank you for another glorious Faire!  We look forward to seeing you in 2019! 


Was a change in faces... after 6 years the founding girls decided to pass the fair on to new hands and a family of gals stepped in.  Daughters and Mother came together to create and grow.  Our poster was a statement to that, a family wedding that included 4 generations of strong women that molded our lives to date. 


We thank everyone who helped make a new adventure so successful!  How great it is to be a community like ours, surrounded with such amazing people.  Here's to a new year at The Vintage Faire!  See you in 2018 


The iconic road trip, a nostalgic staple of Americana and the theme for this year's faire.  We had so much fun with some friends planning the photo shoot for this year's poster and postcards, Robin L  Green is an amazing photographer and if you're looking for someone that will go along with your crazy ideas or capture the essence of your vision perfectly, we could not recommend her enough!

The faire continues to grow, with a record number of vendors and shoppers.  We are so proud of our vendors and the work they do and also of our community and the support they bring to this venture.  You really can't do better than the Okanogan.

Thank you everyone for your continued support of the Vintage Faire, we're looking forward to next year already!


We loved this year’s fifth birthday celebration!  And the little darling on this poster, isn’t she the sweetest? 

Vendors and shoppers came out in masses to help us celebrate and we are so incredibly thankful!  Thanks to you all we were able to support quite a few kiddos in their academic and sporting pursuits.  We were also able to make a donation to our local OkSnip Clinic and Cat Shelter.  Hooray, gifts are fun!


We expanded into another building this year to hold more vendors, a Breadline style Cafeteria (amazing) and the ever popular mimosa garden.  The booths were better than ever, we say that every year but people really outdid themselves this year.  And the shoppers were incredible, the parade of goods going out the door is something to behold.

We can’t wait for next year!



Yep, that’s right, this year we had an elephant!  Gilbert was the best addition to our little family.  A paper mache elephant to watch over our faire was the final touch to our perfect spring day.  We added so many vendors from around the Pacific Northwest, it’s so great to be making friends with talented, creative people!


We had a run from the gate of all our wonderful early morning shoppers.  And they kept coming all day long.  People were loading up Uhaul trailers, calling husbands to bring down trucks, and coming back for more.  A whole family was seen carrying a table and chairs out of the faire on their heads, they were their own little vintage furniture parade.  We just can’t wait for next year!



Lots of excitement about this year’s faire.  We had record breaking attendance, beautiful weather (a few afternoon wind gusts that our vendors braved with fortitude) and lots of smiles all around.


THE GLAMPERS HAVE ARRIVED.  This year Jen, Mindy and Penny each pulled their adorable vintage trailers to our event, we loved them!!!!!!!


You can read some press here at these publications from around the Pacific Northwest.

Country Register: (insert pdf)


Venue Magazine:


Omak Chronicle: (insert pdf)



Read a review of our Faire from Junk Nation Review:  We love these guys and we’re so happy they came and gave us their smiles, great photos and support.  Thanks Brian and Coco!


Guess what?  This year we got those mimosas, we added the Blue Ribbon Bar to our event as well as more quality vendors and espresso.  A vintage shopping paradise, all rolled in to one event.  The Barn was the perfect addition to the faire, vendors had such a great time out there and the shopping flow was excellent.  What can we add next year to make this day even more fun?



April of 2011 was our first ever Vintage Faire.  We were so pleased with the turn out and everyone from vendors to shoppers had an amazing time.  It was the perfect spring day filled with smiles and treasures.  We thought we might share a few more pictures here, you can check out our facebook page to see a whole lot more.

The only thing that could have made the day more perfect would be a mimosa to carry around while shopping (hmmmm…….maybe next year).


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